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This man did an excellent job and his command of the English language is superb... He has an excellent personality and was very professional thank you...
Everything appears to be working great. I appreciate your services. Thank you
Errol Jacobs
Everything seems to be in good order and your technicians were very good at helping me get my computer back up and running. They were excellent.
Pamela Norman
My issues have been fixed with my computer. I appreciate your helpfulness and expertise with this matter.
Treva Pinson
My problems with my printer and computer are all resolved, my printer is running
Daniel poleto
As i went through this process the technician was very professional and patient with me, if this is an indication of how all of your techs are then you guys have a thumbs up from. If not this particular tech needs to train more tech as a replica of him.
wilbert barber
Computer cleanup has been completed by ask pc expert and all programs including internet explorer are working properly. Technician also helped with fixing external hard drive for backup. At this time I am very satisfied with the results and very impressed with the two technicians that I have spoken to and worked with today.
Carol Giosmas
Great experience working with all the techs. I feel much more secure knowing all the malware and virus have been removed and my computer is restored. Confirm that the job is complete and satisfactory.
Maria Souleyret
They worked very fast to resolve the issues with my computer, everything is working like the computer was brand new.
Robert Schultz
My computer has been fixed, it ad viruses and wouldn't allow me to download files. It works now.
randy rowel
I have had the services completed and am completely satisfied with them at this time.
Cathy Johnson
I really couldn't of had better knowledgeable service than I had with Sagar and his hard working staff, it made things easier on me
Sharon J joseph bukvic